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Where to Get Tax Declaration of Land Philippines

Then I have to pay my own title, I twice, let`s say, since I love this property so much that I can now have all this torture, someone else appears and contests my titleToo of dangers and unknowns so that I can play with a land that has only one tax return and no title.only our opinion Application of the decision cited above in your situation, Dan`s proof of ownership is a tax return that is not conclusive proof of ownership while your family submitted a tax return issued before the tax receipt submitted by Dan. The deed of gift in Dan`s favor is also not conclusive evidence that his parents owned the land they had donated. The actual ownership of the land by your family since time immemorial, combined with a tax return, is the most important proof of ownership. In the absence of real, public and unfavourable ownership, the declaration of the land for tax purposes does not prove ownership. .

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